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More about IPervoice
The IPervoice password: “No Limits”

IPervoice CAT5 wiring means that a single cable is used for the entire backbone of the IP Intercom system. By exploiting IP technology, several audio and video communications can be established at the same time. Simplification and versatility are combined with the capability of providing unlimited solutions.

IPervoice has no limits in terms of
  • extension and distance (by using optical fiber)
  • riser columns
  • number of switchboards
  • number of users
  • number of conversations at the same time - no busy lines: a great feature for multiple building compounds with several entrance doors.
The numbers of each building is further proof of how remarkable the new IPervoice system is:
  • distance up to 900 metres from each building riser
  • 1080 users in each building
  • up to 16 intercom devices in each apartment.

Dedicated, high-performance products

Any CAT5 cable can be used for the IPervoice system external backbone and the riser columns: however, Urmet has created a dedicated cable suitable for outdoor, buried installation to ensure the best quality to customers.

Other dedicated devices include the new panel, which becomes the smart interface of the system, capable of controlling the entrances and transmitting useful information to users (map showing the way displayed on screen, voice mail messages, etc.).

The range of monitors which can be installed in apartments is also very versatile and includes Imago and the new 7” touchscreen monitor, Modo.

Integrated performance for building communications

Using IPervoice means supplying the reliability of a state-of-the-art system and the possibility of accessing a full array of functions - all centralised on the video door phone system.

Closed-circuit TV, intrusion alarms, access control function are installed directly in the system without needing any more wires: all information is controlled from the monitor and transmitted to the concierge, which becomes a genuine Service Centre.

With iPervoice, communications even the largest, most complex residential compounds are perfect.

Easy to program, safe to manage

IPervoice was designed to make the installer’s work easier and to ensure user-friendly operation: the system can be programmed and managed by means of mobile phone and PC, for monitoring the various system functions at all times.

IPervoice is also smart: the self-diagnostic function signals faults in the system to the concierge.

And more: iPervoice can automatically forward service requests to the installer, who can therefore maintain direct contact with the customer for prompter interventions in case of need and for guaranteeing maximum service efficiency.


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