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Analogue systems for video-doorphones are designed to create audio-only, audio-video or mixed systems with traditional wiring delivering top-class design and functionality, thanks to the broad range of entry panels and monitors.

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The COAX video systems allows very large distances between camera and monitors. 4+n doorphone with electronic call are used. A very high number of combinations are possible, with both b/w and colour video doorphones. The wiring is very similar to 4+n audio system.

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The 5-wire video system derives from the 1+n audio system and is suitable for transforming 4+n audio systems into video systems without adding a coax or other wires in the riser column.

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4+n audio systems have a riser column with 4 common wires plus n wires, where n is the number of calls to be managed. Furthermore, doorphones with traditional call (12 Vac buzzer) or electronic call (the speaker of the doorphone itself is used to generate the call tone) may be used in 4+n systems. Systems may be created with intercom conversation privacy to the loudspeaking unit. Several automatically switching entrance doors may be catered for.

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The 1+n audio system was created to transform a traditional bell system into a complete doorphone system without needing to add wires to the column and ensuring conversation privacy bet ween the various apartments

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