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2Voice, IperVoice, BiBus VOP and Digivoice are Urmet's digital video-doorphone systems. No other manufacturer can count on such a wide range in the industry covering 2-wires, IP, Video-Over-Power and 5-wires technologies. All systems come with an incredible choice of entry panels and monitors.

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1 type of cable for the whole system: CAT5/5e/6 or fiber optics. IP technology Unlimited extension, risers, users and functions. Integrated functions connected to video-doorphone service. All devices and functions are installed directly in the system, with no need for additional wiring.

Maximum extension: no limit to the number of users, riser columns, switchboards and conversations. Optical-fibre-ready. Ideal for large residential compounds with high integration needs (access control, switchboards, intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance systems, intercom systems). Self-diagnostic system for checking system state.

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2Voice is the two-wire video-doorphone system with the highest performance in the category: intercom, exchange, integrated CCTV, staircase light control and additiona services with no additional wiring.

Two non-polarised wires throughout for quick and easy installation. Ideal for villas and large residential complexes alike: 4 main entrances, 32 risers, 128 users per riser column for a total of 4096 users. Free intercom function with four monitors in parallel, integral video surveillance, second entrance management.

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Video-Over-Power technology is used to create doorphone systems with up to 250 users, 12 calling stations and distances of up to 600 metres between calling station and apartment station simply by using two non-polarised wires.

Ideal for simple blocks of flats with a single entrance door and one rising column, Bibus VOP is the answer also for complex compounds with several buildings and several staircases, in which common entry panels and secondary entry panels for each staircase are needed. The flexibility of the system is demonstrated by its functions: a concierge switchboard capable of storing up to 100 calls can be installed. The switchboard can intercept calls, and the day/night switching function increase system flexibility. Furthermore, by using special decoders and apartments station add-on modules, a variety of supplementary functions can be implemented in each system (such as switching the staircase lights on, opening the garage door and many, many more) without needing to add wires to the column, to adapt the system to the needs of each user.

The system is compatible with the entire Urmet catalogue range. Each apartment station can be chosen according to requirements and up to three apartment stations can be installed in parallel. Maximum freedom also in entry panel style: traditional panels and digital panels are available.

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Managing complex situations and large numbers with Digivoiceis easy and very versatile, also with regards to style. Digivoice is the Urmet solution for large size audio and video doorphone systems with several entrances and several switchboard stations.

Using only five common wires (with the addition of two wires and coax for video systems), systems for unmanned. A very high number of main and secondary calling stations can be fit in the system (up to 99), each of which can fit either a traditional panel or a digital panel with electronic directory containing the residents’ names. The digital panel may be used to open the door by entering the user’s personal code. In systems with several main and secondary entrances, Digivoice offers residential compounds with over 3000 users and distances of up to 3500 metres between calling station and apartment stations can be created.

Large compounds have more complex functional needs: for this reason, up to five concierge switchboards for controlling specific areas can be installed in the Digivoice system. Calls are transferred from one to the other when the stations are the unique feature of allowing two conversations at the same time from two main stations. This cuts busy time and is a commonly felt requirement in system with a high flow of visitors and users. The entry panels and the apartment stations may be chosen the wide Urmet product range.


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